Getting a perfect OPT Job in USA is an uphill battle for every Opt student who dreams of working with the well-reputed companies in the USA. If you're in a queue, you've just landed in the right direction.

Applying for a job with less or zero work experience is still worth applying. Having no working experience necessarily doesn't mean that you're not eligible or fit for that suitable role.

First, getting a jobbing hack- Attitude is everything- It doesn't matter if you have the required job experience; stay positive. The human mind judges others in seven seconds; make sure your glitter has a positive impression on your prospective OPT employer.

If you like it, keep holding till the end because this article holds some important information that can increase your chances of getting your dream to opt for a job in the USA.

What are job requirements?

Job requirements are the guidelines that hiring managers set for a specific job role. Employers hiring for OPT jobs in USA have higher job standards for entry-level jobs. They want to filter the best and the brightest candidates for the role; hence they set parameters for a specific job role.

Here are a few requirements that employers include in job descriptions:

  • Field training
  • Years of experience
  • Skill certifications
  • Formal education
  • Good soft skills

Are there any chances to get a job with less experience than required?

OPT students applying for OPt jobs can get the job based on their academic grades and history. So better not mess it up with your professors during your graduation. Having good grades in your academics will help you to grab and utilise every opt opportunity that comes your way. Most hiring managers hiring OPT candidates in the USA keep an open mind if they see that you have the potential and can be a good fit for a position. This means that if your resume is deserted and doesn't meet all their listed requirements, they will still be willing to meet with you.

Tips for applying for jobs with less job experience

OPT students who want to make a good impression and show that you're dead serious about a job opportunity. Here we've outlined some important tips for OPT students that they can use while appearing for a job with having no relevant experience in the field.

1. Spotlight your transferable skills

While writing your resume, give extra focus on any skills, experience, and transferable training that makes you seem like a strong asset to the company. For example, if OPT Jobs or the job you're applying for requires five or more years of job experience but you only have three, you should give extra focus on your internship program, academic accomplishments, and your volunteer work.

2. Ask for a recommendation

If you feel that you don't have relevant experience to meet a job's requirements, find someone who thinks that you will be a good fit for a position. MNCs often have an employee referral scheme that can help you to get noticed. If you are not lucky that you don't know someone who works in the company, be bold and introduce yourself to someone who may be able to help you.

3. Prove your potential

Prove you can do the job. If you have few skills in your resume that meets most of the requirements, prove you can cover the distance with a pre-interview project. For example- If you're a content writer, look at their main USPs and come up with some unique ideas to drive sales. Allow your creativity to flow and come up with a unique presentation.

4. Focus on what you have

Indeed experience is hugely important, but it cannot stand alone without a positive attitude to work, your ideas for the company's future, your personality, and your motivation. The list is endless; your soft skills as a primary weapon to ace job interviews.

5. Build your portfolio, create some experience

But that's necessary doesn't mean that you should leave the experience behind. It's important that you have practical job experience in order to do the work correctly. For example- knowing about the clutch, gear, and accelerator of a vehicle is not enough. You actually need to start driving your vehicle so that you don't ram into someone while driving if a situation occurs.

6. Flex your intent

If you really want to get into a particular job role, ensure that people should know about it. Attend job fairs, participate in relevant job discussions on various social media platforms, and make sure you demonstrate your intent in such events.

7. Focus on posture

The first impression is the last one that your employer will carry about your personality. It's impossible to recover from a bad start; make sure you have a good impression of your employer while appearing for an interview. Focus on your posture because your sitting position is an indication of the power pose. Don't slouch, and never turn your body away from your prospective employer- it indicates that you lack confidence.

8. Create a nice resume

OPT students applying for new OPT Jobs in USA should have a well-structured resume. Your resume is the first impression of your personality on your employer; make it counts. Avoid silly mistakes; write the resume in H1 and H2 format. Add relevant academic details, such as your internship programs, how much work you have volunteered, high school grades, and skills.