For OPT candidates deciding where to take their first step in their careers, gaining practical knowledge and on-the-job experience can make them stand out. While things like job security, better payout, and company culture are hugely important, the competition is burning hot for opt students looking out for getting employment in well-reputed OPT jobs in USA.

Luckily, a good number of OPT employers are there to offer amazing professional development and job opportunities for new grads. From complete mentoring to rotational programs, top OPT employers that offer OPT jobs in  USA allow OPT students to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills in their field to succeed in their careers.

Securing your employment with entry-level jobs in the USA is an uphill battle for OPT Candidates because the competition is cutthroat. You better gear up if you're dead serious about securing and holding your employment with the organization headquartered in the USA.

If you have just started, then don't worry; we've got you covered. We have shared the list of 12 entry-level jobs that you can get with a global leadership studies major.

Let's start from scratch; what are global leadership studies?

Getting a degree in global leadership studies has a good number of perks. A global leadership study is termed an undergraduate program for students, which gives them an outstanding understanding of international relations. It prepares students for careers in various fields, such as business, government, nonprofits, social service, and communications. While earning a degree in global leadership studies, students develop valuable skills that benefit employers, such as leadership, research, analysis, and cultural awareness.

Entry-level jobs for global leadership studies majors

Many organizations that set up their business in other nations start hiring new opt candidates having global leadership studies degrees. If you're deciding to begin your career after graduating from global leadership studies, then we have outlined the list of 12 entry-level jobs-

Legislative assistant

A legislative assistant is a person that provides support to elected officials, senators, and representatives. They perform tasks relevant to a certain political area and specialize in international relations or global policy. They also do a range of administrative tasks, such as responding to calls, emails, and official travel arrangements.

Legal assistant

Legal assistants are responsible for performing administrative duties and offering support to lawyers. They also maintain records, answer email and phone calls, and schedule appointments. A legal assistant also performs certain tasks under the supervision of a lawyer.


The primary duties are to hatch pieces of information from various places and prepare a set of important documents for broadcast, print, and online media, such as newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and online news websites. They have to travel places to gather accurate information from the right source or tip.


They interpret or translate business negotiations between two parties speaking two different languages. The primary task of interpreters is to work for global companies to provide them assistance with cross-cultural communication. They are experts in translating technical words and cultural nuances to make both parties understand each other.

Human resources specialist

A human resource (HR) is a person that manages employee-related matters of a company. HRs are responsible for better coordination and goodwill between an employee and an organization. Shortlist, hire, and train employees according to a company's work culture.

Global mobility specialist

The primary duties of a global mobility specialist are that he/she helps in the relocation process of an employee to a new country. These guys are familiar with the immigration process and policies in other countries and help candidates secure work visas, which allows them to work freely in a different country. They also work for companies looking to expand their work globally.

International partnerships manager

The primary duties of an international partnerships manager are to help companies maintain goodwill with global organizations so that they can accomplish their strategic goals. They always look for potential collaborations to help organizations form strategic partnerships with global organizations.

Business consultant

A business consultant is a person that advises organizations on ways they can strengthen and improve their workflow and accomplish their strategic goals. Business consultants may specialize in various fields, such as sales or human resources. They also contract with MNCs to help them reach their strategic goals and improve their workflow.

Supply chain analyst

A supply chain analyst is a person who ensures that a company must meet its customers' expectations and demands. Many Supply chain analysts with a degree in global leadership studies work for organizations that engage with international suppliers. They look for potential suppliers in other countries and examine business proposals to provide relevant insights to company leaders.

Regulatory specialists

They help an organization by ensuring that the company complies with any regulations for its products; this includes international laws. They perform duties such as evaluating a company's compliance policies and examining their findings with management. They also provide training to educate employees about the organization's regulatory policies.

Policy analyst

A person that helps change or develop policies related to political or social issues. Policy analysts collect data about an issue, examine problems, and develop some policies to solve them.

Global project manager

The primary duties of a global project manager are to manage and coordinate with team members working in different workstations globally. They assign and coordinate a team's work according to different time zones and cultural differences.