There is a huge number of people working in different IT jobs in the USA. International students take the path of Optional Practical Training jobs in USA for being a part of the IT sector.

The coming years are going to be demanding for more workforce and skilled labor in the IT sector. Many students can aim and plan for their brighter future in the USA.

But many jobs are more promising and in-demand than the others. Let us see what are the top 10 jobs in the IT sector in the USA:

  1. Software developer jobs
  2. Java developers
  3. Data scientist
  4. Data engineer
  5. Blockchain engineer
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Robotics
  8. Cybersecurity specialist
  9. Cloud architect
  10. Product manager

All the jobs that are mentioned above are the top IT jobs in the USA. A student can get these in the form of OPT jobs as well temporarily. Many employers also provide sponsorships and H1B visa jobs for international candidates.

A candidate can find many options and ways.

Many employers hire actively for some specific job profiles. Java jobs are among the topmost jobs that hire a lot. An employer or a company always looks for a skilled workforce in these sectors. 

The coming year of 2022 will be looking forward to such technical positions only. A candidate with technical and soft skills can find themselves in one of such jobs in the USA.

A student can aim for the future and stay updated about the skills that are required to sustain in the sector. The opportunities will increase for the candidates that are more skilled and experienced.

One can also gain experience first and then apply. An internship or a part-time job is also easy to find in these job profiles in the USA. There are many options and categories of jobs that one can find in these profiles and the IT sector.